Feb 17, 2012

Weekend Fly By Buys

Hello CurvieBirdies!!  The weekend is here which means we can do what we do best.  SHOP!!!!!  So here is my weekend Fly by buys pick . . .

Because you know that “Without Old navy, I’d be Naked!!!”

Denim Sale

OMG!!!  Ya’ll know I ‘m excited right?  I loves me some Old Navy!!  Old Navy is like the other man in my life.  I don’t get to spend as much time with him as I’d like, but when we do get together, it’s explosions and fireworks honey!!!

Anyway, the plus sized jeans are on sale online only.  However, for you CurvieBirdies that can wear a size 20 and under, you can your size in different styles in the store.  Personally, I can wear a size 20, but only in a select few styles.  If you have my body type, try the Sweetheart and Dreamer styles.  These style have a more traditional fit and are not low waist!!!!  Low waist does not work for me, so I stick to higher waist jeans.  Don’t need all my lovely lady lumps showing up and showing out  in low waist jeans!!!

There are 6 different styles to choose from online, so get to Shopping Ladies!!  I will buy online this time and do a review on the styles I choose.

Do you like Old Navy jeans?  Which styles fit your body type?


  1. I like Old Navy's Jeans mainly because they have tall. I like the Sweetheart fit best then the Diva.

  2. Good deal! I forgot Old Navy sold plus sized clothing...

  3. Oh... Torrid.com is having 75% of their clearance items this weekend.