Jul 22, 2014

Mamanista Friday (but on Tuesday): Vests

Last weeks Mamanista Friday look was Vests.  I was already to go, but forgot my camera for pics.  I got it at lunch, but I was not blog fine anymore due to having eaten lunch first.  My mistake!!  However, we do have this fly lady ready to go with her vest challenge!

Miss Erica has made another feature.  I was telling her about the Mamanista Friday challenge, and she wanted to participate.  Another fashion mamanista!! 

Erica is rocking a vest and shiny top, and ya'll know I love shiny things!! Erica purchased these items from Ross.  Gotta love Ross!!!

Erica is inspired by Mamanista, now it's your turn!!!  Have you shown you Mamanista style yet on The Babyshopaholic?

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