Jul 15, 2014

Forever 21 Says Chrissy Teigen is Too Fat!!

I could not believe the news I just read.  Chrissy Teigen, was is the beautiful model married to John Legend, used to be a model for Forever 21.  During one of her shoots there, Chrissy was in the make-up chair getting ready for here shoot.  She got a phone call from her agency telling her that Forever 21 called and said that she was too fat, and that she needed to come back to the office to get her measurements retaken.  Unbelievable!!  She was in the make-up chair!  So rude and disrespectful!

Now since this event accrued, Forever 21 has launched their plus line.  No apology was ever given, but they have realized the need and demand for fuller-figure clothing.  I have very missed feelings about this.  

What are your opinions?

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