Jan 9, 2013

Birds of a Feather

In 2012, there were a few curviebirdies that I feel were an inspiration to us all.  So I wanted to dedicate this post to the positive curviebirdies in Hollywood!

CurvieBirdie of the Year:  Jennifer Hudson

Before 2/2011


After 2/2011

This talented diva lost over 80 lbs and has kept it off for almost 2 yrs!!!  She decided to get healthy after having her son David.  She is the spokesperson for Weight Watchers and an inspiration to all CurvieBirdies that want to loose the weight!


CurvieBirdie of the Year:  Christina Aguilera


Christina told it best when she said to her record label that, “I am tired of being a skinny white girl!”  After years of trying to stay thin, the singer decided to do what she always wanted to do.  That is to just be happy with herself and her weight.  Hats off to this lady!!!

So if you had to pick a CurvieBirdie of the year, who would you pick?  Would either of these two women make your list?


  1. I would pick Jennifer..even tho she needs a better stylist and hair and makeup person I love her transformation. I'm happy for Christina but everytime I see her she looks awful

  2. Hats off to both of these ladies to jennifer 80lbs is extremely hard work. I think I would pick Jordin sparks too she did a 360 even though she was just as gorg when she was curvier too