Jan 25, 2013

Fly By Buys

Happy Friday everybody!!!  This was a short week, but it felt extra long to me.  Well, its the weekend baby, and this CurvieBirdie has some serious damage to do!!!  The weather may not be the greatest in your areas, but you can still get it in.

So yesterday, Shoe Dazzle emailed me about a 70% off sale.  Why that do that?  Honey, I got 4 pairs of shoes for $49!!! 
Check them out!!

Also, Avenue is having a 70% off sale.  I went in there looking for some flat shoes for work and stumbled on this fab sale!!! 

Bras: $6.99 - $12.99
Panties $4.99
Sweater:  $9.80 - $13.49
Jewelry:  70% off
Shoes: $14.99
Boots:  $19.99

So ya'll better get out and get your shop on!!!  Make sure to share your awesome finds!!!  So who else has a great sale this weekend?  Is there anything you are looking for specifically?

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