Oct 10, 2012

Winterize Your Wardrobe Wednesday

It’s hump day; almost made it through another week!  So I have a small dilemma.  I have all these really cute summer clothes, but the season has changed.  I am not quite ready for sweaters due to me living in the ATL which still has 75 – 80 degree weather. 

So what I have decided to do is to “Winterize my Wardrobe.”  In order to do this, you will need a jacket, boots, scarf, or some tights.  I will be doing this for the next few weeks, and you ladies and gents can tell me what you think!!





I am wearing a summer skirt and tank which I would wear during the summer months.  So I added a jean jacket and scarf.  I kept the pink summer bag just for a touch of color.

Outfit Breakdown:

Lane Bryant jean jacket:                                               $old

Target Skirt:                                                                   $5.38

Thrifted tank:                                                                 $1.25

Accessories:                                                                    $25

DSW Boots:                                                                    $55

Total without shoes:                                                $31.63


So what do you think?  Do you plan to winterize your wardrobe?