Jul 9, 2012

Weekend Finds!!

Good Monday morning!!!  I hope everybody had an amazing weekend!  Well, I did some shopping this weekend.  I was looking for some PJ’s, but bought everything but PJ’s.  Typical right?  I know.  I have a problem.  Anyway, I found some great deals!!


7-9 012

Isn’t this so cute?  I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it.  It’s so lady-like!! And I am such a lady! It’s a belted flower dress from Macy’s. 

Price:      $24.05


7-9 013

Ok, so I know this jacket looks a bit different, but trust when I say it is super cute!!  When I saw it, I got so excited of the possibilities of this jacket.  I cannot wait to style it and rock it!!  This jacket is from Macys.

Price:  $9.75


7-9 015

This pink jacket is from Lane Bryant.  They are having a 50% off their clearance sale.   You can never have too many jackets, plus I wanted to add some color to my fall wardrobe.

Price:   $19.99


7-9 014

I got these pants from Lane Bryant as well.  These Jeggings are a a blue-green color.  Super hot!!  More color for the fall.

Price:    $19.99

So tell me your thoughts on these finds.  I am very curious about what you ladies think about that Macy’s jacket especially.  Feedback please!!!!

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