Jul 6, 2012

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Good day ladies and gents.  Welcome to the weekend!!!!! 

Today we are featuring Miss Erica.  She is a fabulous CurvieBirdie with an amazing sense of style.  She always looks so cute!!  This outfit was very cute and I had to show the rest of the CurvieBirdies this cute dress and how Erica styled it.

7-5 013

7-5 015


7-5 014

So this cute lil dress is from Forever 21 Plus.  It is a turquois blue with baby blue dots.  The belt is also from Forever 21.  It is lime green, and we all know neon's are real hot right now!!  I love that she is using this neon color belt to set this dress apart.  Great Job Erica!!!!!

CurvieBirdies. do we like this outfit?  What do you think about the neon belt?


  1. Loving this outfit. Cute! And her hair is cute too!

    Nique {www.niqueinthemiddle.com}

  2. I love this polka dot dress..super cute..=)

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