Jul 2, 2012

BET Awards Recap

Morning CurvieBirdies and admirers.  Last night the BET Awards were on, and I must say that it was a great show.  I haven’t watched an entire awards show in over a year.  I feel like it is a waste of time to watch awards shows, and it does not help enhance my life so why bother.  However, this year BET did their thing!!  The quality of the show and even their commercials were absolutely amazing.  I sat down and watched the entire show and the commercials and all and loved it!!

Here are some of my favorite moments:

They Whitney Houston tribute was nothing short of spectacular!!  There could not have been a dry eye anywhere in TVland!  The tribute was performed by Monica, Brandi, Whitney’s brother, and finally her beautiful Mother Cissy Houston.

I am not a huge fan of Monica or Brandi, but those ladies did their thing.  Monica’s voice has grown so much from “Just one of those days”.  I think BET picked the right people for this tribute.


I don’t think anybody else can put on a better Whitney Tribute than what was displayed last night.  We all love Whitney!!!

DeAngelo came out and Blessed us with a performance after 12 years of being on the low low.

D'Angelo gives his first televisied performance in over 12 years at the BET Awards 2012

Now I know the ladies loved this performance.  After 12 years, this man is still fine as wine and can still give me shivers up my spine!!  YES!!!!  Ladies, do ya’ll still love him?

Rev. Al Sharpton won the BET 2012 Humanitarian Award.  We all know Rev. Sharpton will not hold his tongue when it comes to any issues in the Black community.  Last night he said, “There are people that want to take away our rights, we wanna change Medicaid and Medicare. I support and love the president but whatever you do vote, because this election is not just about Obama, it's about yo mama, and we better vote or they're gonna' take all that from us."

Gots to love this man!!!  And let’s not forget to mention his fabulous weight loss.  Rev. Sharpton done got slim and trim on us!!  We see you Rev.!!!!!


Kim Kardashian Approves Kanye West's Love Declaration at 2012 BET Awards

Ahhhhhhhhh . . .Yea.  Not must to say about this.  I like to keep my blog positive always.  But really?  Twitter and Facebook were blowing up with comments about these two.  All this curviebirdie can say is, “I love you Kanye, but for real?”

Anyway, these are my favorite moments of the Awards show.  What were yours?  Did you watch the entire show? Whose performance did you like best?  Did the Whitney tribute make you cry as well?

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  1. I missed the entire show but got a KICK out of going back reading tweets and FB statutes. lol