Jul 23, 2012

Weekend Finds: Shoe Dazzle

Happy Monday CurvieBirdies!!!  Hope everyone had a productive and fun weekend!!!  I can tell you that I did a bunch of nothing and enjoyed it!!!  I didn’t really leave the house on Saturday, so I did a little online shopping.



Shoe Dazzle has an amazing sale online!!  Its buy one, get one free!!!!  The sale is good on shoes, purses, and accessories!  So basically, everything included in the sale is $19.95 each.  Here is what I got:  




malaga_yellow_a_front-hero-product[1]  Pinned Image

The shoes and the bag were all just over $59!!!!!  Yes, I am proud of this purchase.  I normally only carrier designer bags, but I thought I would try something new here!!

So what do you think?  Good picks?  How was your weekend?  Any great buys?