Aug 1, 2014

Mamanista Fridays: Lace Detail

I am going to say this was the hardest challenge for me.  I could only find 1 shirt that was lace, but it was a bit short and I am not going to let ya'll see all my extra like that!!  So I have some other amazing CurvieBirdies that decided to step up to the challenge!

 Top: AE, Jeans: Dereon, Jacket:  H&M, Shoes: Macys

I super love this tank!  The whole back is lace, so it can keep you looking sexy while keeping you cool!! Plus those jeans are a great fit!!

The top also has lace on the shoulders.  So the sexy starts in the front and moves on down the back!  She is ready for after work Friday events!

Here, you can see that Erica adds the Jacket to make the outfit work-friendly. 

Top: Ashley Stewards, Jeans: Ashley Stewarts, Shoes:  HSN

This pretty and hot New York grandmother is always style-in and profile-in at work.  If she this fly at work, I don't think I'm ready for how she dresses when she goes out!!

Lace arm and lace in the front.  I think the best part about wearing lace,again, is the way it can keep you cool in the summer.  We in Hot-lanta, so I'm always looking for cool pieces during those times.
Can you say lace shoes?  Ms. Linda stay matching her shoes to her outfits.  I can tell you that her shoe game is so sic!

So the lesson to be learned today is lace is sexy and cool.  Also, it is easy to transistion from work to play.  How often doe you wear lace?  Do you have alot of lace?

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