May 8, 2014

Something to Chirp About: Fashion Mistakes

I was reading an article on MSN, and ran across this article.  It talks about 12 mistakes that people make, but there are only a few that I thought I would mention.

1.   Ignoring what’s underneath

I see this all the time.  I have talked about it, posted about it, but some people just don't care.  I know I'm a CurvieBirdie, but you will not see any rolls under my clothes.  There are tons of products on the market to avoid these types of mishaps.  This also includes bad fitting bras and ugly panty lines.

2.  Buying clothes that don’t fit.

Just because you can squeeze into it doesn't mean you should wear it. I never understood why someone would buy a size 14 when the size 16 fits so much better.  And lets not forget when we buy clothes that won't fit until we loose that extra 10 pounds.  Waste!!  Buy clothes for now.  When you have this type of behavior, going into the closet to get dressed will be devastating!

3.  Sticking to set “outfits.”

OMG!!!! I truly can't stand this.  As fashionistas, we have to step out of the box when it comes to clothing.  I have a girlfriend back home that I would always say this too.  She felt if she bought a pair of Guess Jeans, she had to get the matching shirt and wear her Guess shoes.  I would tell her all the time that you can only wear a whole outfit a few times and that buying pieces would give her more styling options.  Mix it up!!

4.  Becoming a fashion victim

How many times have you heard this "You can't wear everything your friends wear."  Just because something looks cute on your friend, doesn't mean that you can get the same results.  Look at the picture.  Enough said!

So how do you feel about these Fashion Mistakes?  What would you add to the list?


  1. Great post! I'm an advocate of having the right under clothes or spanx! I'm so against buying complete outfits.

  2. I agree with mixing it up more. You have more options and you can wear certain pieces over and over again. I use to be matchy matchy when I was younger, but what I love aboout fashion now is that you can be more diverse and have a signature look by switching up brands, fabrics, and accessories. I liking this post today!!

  3. I am so guilty of buying the outfits off the mannequin or sets . I am a lazy shopper but I need to start applying CurvieBirdie's advice. As of today, I will be more creative. Thanks

  4. #1 - I think it is so important to pay as much attention to the under garments we choose to wear under our clothes, as much as the clothes themselves. It is easy to miss-the-mark in achieving the look/result we were going for, by not selecting the proper under garments - I don't think people should be ashamed to wear "assistance" to enhance the look they are trying to achieve.

    #2 - Curvybirdie - this is a great topic of discussion. This is like buying a pair of shoes 2 sizes too small - why do that to yourself?! If you want to buy clothes for the size you "want to be", you should make sure you reach your goal of getting to that size, before you buy. Otherwise, you will be uncomfortable and have wasted valuable time and money.

    #3 - I was always the person that thought my shoes had to be the exact color and texture of my belt and purse, otherwise, it did not match. The fashion trends today are so far away from that mis-conception, which is a relief. Stepping out of the box, allows me to present more my personality and my originality. I like it!

    #4 - All I can say is...make sure you have honest friends in your circle, who will be truthful if something does not look as good as you think, on you. Choose your friends carefully and your clothes wisely - Don't be a fashion victim!!!