May 30, 2014

Mamanista Fridays: Aztec Print Pants

I have to tell ya'll my secret.  I have been terrified of  design/print leggings.  I think they are super cute, but I was not reallyu sure how to style them.  My friends Parker from Everyday Runway and Cassandra from Gems N Baubles have been trying relentlessly to get me into a pair. 

Well this weekend while in Indy, I purchased my very first pair!!!  i was excited and scared at the same @#!^ time!  So here is my look:

Top/Leggings: Indy Boutique, Shoes: Shoe Wharehouse, Bag: Unknown, Accessories: Verona

So I what ya'll think?  Remember, I'm a rookie at these types of pants.  I am more of a classic trendy dresser, and these pants are very trendy.  Please give me comments on this look!!!



  1. They look great on you! You still have a classic look just with a little flair.