Apr 9, 2014

Birds of A Feather: Ms. Joi

I'm all about women showing their style and looking great no matter their size.  Today I was going to do one of my outfit posts until I saw this CurvieBirdie rocking it out.  Please meet the super chic Ms. Joi rocking the black and white look!

Dress:  Marshalls, Fergie Shoes: Marshalls

Black and white will always be a classic look.  It is so elagant and can be done in many ways.  This dress is flattering to Joi with the vertical line that make her look taller.  Also, if you need, horizonal lines across the chest area will help to enhance how "large" you look up there!!

Do ya'll see the rows of "staples" on these shoes?  So bad! Cutest shoes!  Well done diva!

So how in love with black and white are you?  Do you shop at Marshalls/TJMaxx?  How offen do you find cute items there?


  1. Happy birthday, lil diva! You are definitely turning heads!

  2. she is gorgeous!!

  3. O my , O my who is that angel ?

  4. Looking Good Lady Joi! Work it Lady...Happy Birthday and enjoy your day!