Apr 8, 2013

A Little Birdie Told Me: Adele Gets Them Straight

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  It was a beautiful one in ATL, so I decided to get some walks I before it gets too hot.  Anyway, I wanted to talk about my beloved Adele and a statement she made.  I absolutely love this chick, and I am very tired of people judging her because of her weight. I a  tired of people judging any CurvieBirdie because of their weight.  That does not define us; its what we do in life that defines us.  This amazing and beautiful woman as accomplished so much, so it’s a shame that her weight is still a topic.  But read what her said:


* Picture courtesy of Curvy Magazine

I love that she does not back sown when someone has something negative to say about her weight.  The few things that I think she should add is that its not about being skinny, but about being healthy which is important to her.  Also, she does need to let those cigs go as well. 

So what are your thoughts/feelings on her remarks above? Do you think she should have added anything?

1 comment:

  1. I love Adele! She makes a point that we should be happy in the skin we're in. Skinny does not always equal healthy. At the end of day if you're comfortable in your skin, don't let society force you to conform to what they think you should be!