Feb 6, 2013

Something to Chirp About: Overweight Myths

Good morning CurvieBirdies.  I was talking to someone the other day, and she made a comment that seemed to be light-weight hating on Curvie people.  So today I thought I would talk about some really stupid myths about being overweight.

Myth #1
The thinner you are the more attractive you will be.

Are you serious?  This is completely false.  Being attractive has more to do with who you are and how you carry yourself.
Men will tell you that a womans attitude and personality is very sexy.


crystal renn plus size

Crystal Renn. Same woman. Which would you choose?

Myth #2
You cannot be both overweight and healthy.

According to Dr. Kelly Brownell, Director of the Yale Center for Eating and Weight Disorders, states, "that heavy people who are fit have lower risk than thin people who are unfit.” It’s often about the fitness, not the fatness."

Myth #3
Fat people are always unhappy being fat.
Per Dr. Phil, body image and self-image are two separate things. You can have a healthy self-image whether or not you are happy about your body image.

Does this CurvieBirdie look unhappy?  I think NOT!!!!

Myth #4

Overweight women can only date overweight men.

Are you serious? This has to be the most untruth here.  I know many CurvieBirdies who date men of all different sizes!  I know ya'll done seen the "Opposites Attract" episode on Maury!!!! I know I have never had an issue dating men of any size!

Cute right?  And he FINE!!  So BOOM to that myth!!

Myth #5

All fat people eat too much.
This myth doesn't take two important factors into account: physical activity and metabolic resistance.  So not all overweight people eat a million calories a day.  It can be genetic as well!!! (Dr.Phil.com)

So I hope this helps people get rid of some of their negative attitudes about CurvieBirdies, and everyone learned something new!

So what are some myths that you have heard? Have you heard the ones that I have listed here?  What are your opinions on them?

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  1. good post! im not skinny and my honey is not fat so that sure as hell is a myth. Also, guys love thicker girls. I get hit on by all types lol