Feb 27, 2013

Something to Chirp About: Nordstroms Rack


Hello CurvieBirdies!  Last week, I did some light shopping.  I was looking for a new top.  Well instead of finding a new top, I found something else all together! If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, then you would know that I found 2 really cute blazers at Nordstroms Rack.  Both blazers together were $24.24!!  Now you cant tell me I didn’t do some serious shopping!! See for yourself!!


This hot Royal blue blazer was $13.55!!



This cotton grey blazer was $9.35!!! 

Score!!!!!  I am so glad I decided to stop in Nordstroms Rack that day.  I love to find amazing deals!  Its like a rush to me.

Do you shop at Nordstroms Rack? If so what kind of deals have you found?

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