Jan 11, 2012

Birthday Finds!!!!


Every year on my birthday, I always treat myself to a mani/pedi and shopping!!  This year I found some really good deals I want to share with you.

tish files 021 

This shirt is from Old Navy (I know, but it’s my fav!!).  They had a sale with up to 75% off, and this shirt was 75% off!!! 

$8.24!!!  Love it!!!!

tish files 023 

This Old Navy sweater was 50% off.  The front has 2 pockets, which looks like black holes in the pic.  But trust me; it’s super cute!!



blog 002       blog 001

This red dress came from Macy’s.  This red dress was 50% off, then another %50 off the red tag.  Gotta love Macy’s clearance!

Now I know it doesn’t seem like this dress is hot, but trust me!!  It is!  I was turning heads all night in this piece, but didn’t have my camera to take pics in it.  I will post pics of me in this dress next time I wear it coming soon.  Ya’ll curviebirdies are going to love it.  I guarantee it!!


tish files 025  tish files 026

These gorge shoes are Steve Madden.  I got this from TJ Maxx.  I don’t shop there often due to them only having 1 rack of plus sized clothing, but I took a change this day.  And praise Jesus I did cuz these bad-boys are real Cow hair! (Don’t tell PETA)


So what do you CurvieBirdies think of these finds?  Do you agree with these purchases?


  1. Loving all your deals but the shoes are my fav & no worries… I won’t tell PETA your secret is safe with me!!!! (Tehehehehe)

  2. Hey! When is your bday? I really like the red dress and the Steve Madden shoes! I just bough myself some leopard booties! Happy BDay if I missed it!