Dec 8, 2011

If it Weren’t For Old Navy, I’d Be Naked, Pt. 2

On Sunday, Old Navy had an awesome sale on sweaters, PJs, etc which I told you guys about.  Well, here are all of the items I purchased. 

phone pic 135     phone pic 133

$7 Cozy PJ top

phone pic 136     phone pic 134

$9 Cozy PJ bottom

phone pic 137      phone pic 132

$10 Tan V-Neck Sweater

phone pic 139

$10 Pullover Sweater

phone pic 138

$4.97 XXL Men’s Button Down Shirt for my Boo!! (Shhh! It’s a Christmas gift!)

This is all the damage I could do because I was on my hour lunch break.  All these items plus a pair of Cozy Socks for $2.50 were the highlight of my Sunday afternoon.  All the items listed above rang up for a grand total of $51.36 including tax.  Thanks Old Navy!!!

Stay tuned for these items coordinated into Fab outfits by this CurvieBirdie!!!

Did anyone else make it to the sale?  What are some of your weekend finds?

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