Dec 22, 2011

Holiday Party Fashions

This is the holiday season, and I know all you fashionable CurvieBirdies are attending different holiday and NYE parties.  Well, I have never really gone out for the NYE parties, but I may change that this year!  I have been invited out to an event hosted by a CurvieBirdie and catering to all CurvieBirdies in the Atlanta area.  Here are some dresses that I would love to wear, and maybe you would love to wear as well to your holiday parties.

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Kaori Infinity Dress

Kaori Infinity Dress  $125

This dress is smoking HOT!!  It can be changed and worn 6 different ways, which makes this my favorite pick for the season!!

Rebecca Gown in Black

Rebecca Gown in Black $225

Now, you can’t tell me this dress isn’t sexier than a ______ !!!!!!  I love this dress because of that low neckline and high split.  It also comes in different colors.

Becca Asymmetric Dress

Becca Asymmetric Dress $160

This dress is super cute as well.  I really am feeling the sequins on the one shoulder.  I would definitely need to wear my fat sucker Spanx with this dress so all my curves can show up and show out!!!

Love Spell Gown

Love Spell Gown $190

This dress is trendy, but elegant at the same time.  The asymmetrical shoulder shows off just the right amount of skin for the CurvieBirdie to be sexy, but sophisticated at the same time.  Plus the purple and black look so well together, especially at night!!  Love it!

So these are my Holiday Party Dress picks.  They are a little pricey, but it’s well worth the splurge for an amazing night on the town celebrating the holiday season.  

Which dress would you pick?

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  1. These dresses are off the chain! Not sure which one I like the best!