Dec 14, 2011

Something to Chirp About


Hey CurvieBirdies!  I wanted to tell you gals about something I wear almost daily:


(or fat-suckers like I normally call them)

This is the greatest invention since the Real Housewives of Atlanta!!   As curviebirdies, we sometimes have a little “extra” around the mid-section.  I love dinner rolls, but I hate to see them showing up after I get dressed.  Why should everyone know that I have that little “extra” around my mid-section?  I want my “extra” to be invisible.  Don’t you?  Well this product helps!!  Trust me on that!  If Tyra Banks can wear Spanx, then so can I!

Why look like this:


When you can look like this:


Spanx are priced from $34 and up.  They can be found at Lane Bryant,Catherines, and at

There is another more affordable brand called ASSETS.  These are about $18 and up.  They can be purchased at Target Stores.  I own a pair of these also, and they work just as well!!

<em>Assets By Sara Blakely</em> Womens High Waist Mid-thigh Shaper/super

How do you fell about shape-wear?  Which brand do you like better?


  1. I need to invest in a pair of spanx I usually get the brief looking pants to suck it all in. I will check out the ones at Target also and probably get one of each.

  2. That's what I have as well. I have 3 panties, all from Target. Then I have 2 Spanx brand. Gots to have enough to get me through the week chile!!!

  3. ahhh Spanx...a girl's best friend indded!

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  5. Who leaves the house without shape wear? It's good and necessary for the curvy and not curvy!!!

    Thanks for introducing me to the brand at target. I'll have to check those out and see how they compare to my beloved Spanx.

  6. Shapeware...turns my cute into sexy!

  7. @Metch you will love the Asset brand. The biggest difference is there is no hole at the bottom of the Asset brand Spanx. If that doesn't bother you, you will be good!!!

    @Talia girl you already sexy!!

  8. I am a big fan! Everyone should own one! If I didn't have them I could not wear half my closet!