Dec 4, 2011

If it Weren't for Old Navy, I'd be Naked

Those of you that know me know that I am an Old Navy crackhead!!!  I think that about 65% of my wardrobe is from that store.  Their clothes fit really great, and its easier to find an Old Navy than a Lane Bryant.  Also, Old Navy always have sales.  They seldom let me down.

Well I just found out today that they are having an awesome sale that I must share with my CurvieBirdies.  They have:

Sweaters               $10+
Cozy PJ's               $9
Cozy PullOvers      $7
Jeans                      $10+

The jeans that are on sale are the flare leg style.  These only go up to a size 18. The sweaters go up to XXL which is a good fit for CurvieBirdies.  I normally get an XL or XXL depending on how the sweater is made.

Hurry to the sale.  I think it ends today!!!!!  Deets on my finds will come later this week!!!

Do you love Old Navy?  What do you think about the fit?



  1. Well I'm sure your sister would love one of those sweaters for christmas.