Dec 4, 2011

If it Weren't for Old Navy, I'd be Naked

Those of you that know me know that I am an Old Navy crackhead!!!  I think that about 65% of my wardrobe is from that store.  Their clothes fit really great, and its easier to find an Old Navy than a Lane Bryant.  Also, Old Navy always have sales.  They seldom let me down.

Well I just found out today that they are having an awesome sale that I must share with my CurvieBirdies.  They have:

Sweaters               $10+
Cozy PJ's               $9
Cozy PullOvers      $7
Jeans                      $10+

The jeans that are on sale are the flare leg style.  These only go up to a size 18. The sweaters go up to XXL which is a good fit for CurvieBirdies.  I normally get an XL or XXL depending on how the sweater is made.

Hurry to the sale.  I think it ends today!!!!!  Deets on my finds will come later this week!!!

Do you love Old Navy?  What do you think about the fit?