Dec 9, 2011

If it Weren’t for Old Navy, I’d be Naked, Pt. 3

This is the end of the Old Navy week series, but I promise you that there will be more in the future because this is my favorite store!!  Well, here is how I put together some of those Old Navy sweaters. 

phone pic 143

Here I am in the tan Old Navy sweater with a white sleeveless collared button-down.  The pants are Lane Bryant,  which I got 3 pair in different colors for $65.  S/N:  Use your Lane Bryant coupons when u can for a deal like this.  There pants are normally $49.50 per pair, but there was a sale and I had my coupons!!  The scarf origin is unknown.  Now lets add this up.

Sweater        $10

Pants            $30

Sleeveless     $4.24

Scarf             ????? But I’m sure it was a great find as well

So I am well put together (hope my curviebirdies agree) for under $45including accessories!  Pow!!!

Now this sweater was purchased about a month ago from Old Navy.  I bought it for $19 but it was on sale last weekend for $15.  It’s a very cute sweater, and I’m cool with having paid a few bucks more for it.  Here’s the look:

phone pic 147   BOA

I paired the sweater with a pair of House of Dereon Skinny Jeans from TJMaxx $20, an off-white cami from Old Navy $1.24, and a long black scarf from Wal-Mart $5. The earrings are from BOA Accessories $12 (Like her on FB).  So lets add this one up:

Sweater              $19

Dereon Jeans    $20

Cami                  $1.24

Scarf                   $5

BOA Earrings    $12

The outfit is around $45 not including the earrings.  Still a great find here!! 

What do you think of these finds?  Do you love wearing earring like these?

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  1. You did good! That cardi is a great color on you and I what the earrings ASAP!