Aug 9, 2012

Something to Chirp About: Facebook Groups


Happy Thursday CurvieBirdies!!  The weekend is almost here, and I am super glad!!  I need a break from work so I can finish all my unpacking finally.  Moving is so stressful, but enough of that.

Anyway, today I wanted to talk about Facebook groups.  I recently joined a few Facebook Groups that are geared towards curvy people.  It is a great way to meet new people, make new friends, and find wonderful social events that are curvy friendly.

My favorite group is Studio 404.  I must say, my experiences with Studio 404 have been super amazing!!  This group is very friendly, fun, and full of great people.  The Admins for the group are gorgeous Alyson and very handsome Lem.  They are super friendly and very welcoming to anyone would wants to be a part of the group.  They are about respecting all BBW and BHM, so this group is all about the positive.


They have very fabulous events including the BHM contest that I was a part of a few months back.  So if your are interested in joining a Facebook group that was wonderful people and awesome events, Studio 404 is it!!!! 


So please check Studio 404 out on Facebook and check their upcoming events page.  Hope to see you at the next event!!!!




Another group that I have recently joined is Curvy Nation.  The Admin of this group is the lovely Ms. Mikki.  I like the positivity in this group as well.  I have yet to go to any events, but there is one coming up At Dave and Busters that I will be attending.  So check this group out as well!!  They are super curvie friendly, and I am sure that I will enjoy being a part of this group as well!



So check out these groups and their events page.  Hope to see ya’ll out soon?

Do you belong to any Facebook groups?  How has your experience been?

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