Aug 27, 2012

Birdie of a Feather

Happy Monday CurvieBirdies!!!  I hope everyone had an extremely awesome weekend, because I know I did!!!  I just love Atlanta and all the social events it has to offer. 

Well Sunday, I was invited to the Bloggers Like Me meet up at Mimi’s Café.  I met a lot of new faces and bloggers.  It was really good to learn about new blogs and to support them.  Take a look at the Bloggers Like Me luncheon!!

8-27 008

Here are some to the meet-up sponsors.


8-27 013

8-27 011

8-27 012 

8-27 018


There was some super hot swag sponsored by Mimi Boutique.

8-27 009

This is the necklace that was in my swag bag.  Soooo cute!!  I will be rocking it this week.  Please believe me!!!

8-27 010

She got this jeweled butterfly ring that I was also in love with.


So here I am with the beautiful Tia Lou wearing a Torrid Cheetah-inspired belted dress.

8-27 014

Outfit Breakdown:

Torrid Cheetah dress:                                      $21.94

Accessories:                                                      $12.00

Target Wedges:                                                $8.98

Total without shoes:                                   $33.94

Boom!!  This look was so cute.  I got many compliments on the dress which was on Bogo sale when I purchased it.  So as you can see, It doesn’t take a lot of $$$$ to be fabulous!!!!!

Do you got to meetups?  If so , how often?  Does my dress show too much cleavage? I felt weird with that much hanging out!  Your thoughts?

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  1. So jealous that you got to meet some of my fave bloggers! It's always nice to meet fellow blog friends face to face. You look fantastic in that dress! Kiah