Aug 16, 2012

Wal-Mart Family Beauty Day Presents: The Baby Shopaholic

Hey CurvieBirdies!!! This past weekend, I attended the Walmart Family Beauty Day event featuring the Baby Shopaholic. This event was for the promotion of 4 Natural  hair products. 

8-13 051


The product is called 4 Naturals, and it has hair product combinations for all types of natural hair.

8-13 035   8-13 044


8-13 043

8-13 040

Babyshopaholic was very informative and presented the Wal-Mart shoppers with a lot of natural hair information as well as free products!!

8-13 046

Not only was Babyshopaholic in the the building, so was the Real Babyshopaholic!!!


8-13 034

8-13 063  8-13 065

I was wearing a cute thrifted skirt, Old Navy tank, Target shoes, and a Forever 21 Jacket!!!


8-13 049

8-13 048

Outfit breakdown:

Forever 21 Jacket:                                                $27.99

Old Navy Tank:                                                    $6.00

Thrifted Skirt:                                                       $2.50

Target shoes:                                                       $29.99

Shoe Dazzle bag:                                                 $19.95

Boa Accessories:                                                  $12.00

Total outfit w/o shoes or bag:                          $48.48


So what natural hair products do you like?  Do you like the OOTD?


  1. I just adore T and little P. I am so proud of how she's growing her brand. Wishing her many continued successes. Great recap.

  2. Thanks for your support Curvie Birdie! Dr Reginia is so sweet!

  3. Love seeing your sexy black ass in a skirt