Feb 11, 2013

Grammy Fashions!!!!!

Hello ladies and gents!  Last night was the Grammys.  I can tell you that I was super tired from the weekend, but I had to see the stars stunt in their Grammy fashions.  Here are my fashion pics of the night!!

Miranda Lambert was the best dressed CurvieBirdie hands down.  She looked so amazing.  I never really checked for her before, but she now on my CurvieBirdie radar!!  So Fab!!!  I cant say enough!

miranda lambert photos

Now this dress is so hot!!!  I love how it hugs her curves and shows off her amazing legs!!!  I would love to own this dress! And check out the pink mic.  This chick is so stylish!

Now ya'll know I loves me some Adele, but this outfit was not flattering at all.  Twitter was trending that her dress liked like someones grandmother's curtains!!  I do admit, this is not one of my faves.  I hope her stylist took some notes from Miranda Lambet's stylist.  Adele is beautiful and has an amazing curvie shape.  She should show it more.
Mixing things up: Adele swapped her usual black outfits for a red vintage-style ensemble at the Grammy awards, but divided opinion with the curtain-like outfit

Now Miss Kelly?  Chile, she sho nuff did that!!!  I love her new curves and I love how she is embrassing them.  This dress is sexy and elegant both at the same damn time!!! Flawless is all I can say.  You did that Kelly!!!!


Miss J. Lo. Honey, if this chick didn't stunt at the Grammys, I don't know who did.  That dress is my sper favorite of the night!  I think this dress would look great on all ladies of all shapes and sizes.  That one peek-a-boo leg . . . . . . . . .BAM!!!!  Yes, love that dress and J. Lo's strong leg!!!  Hehehehe!!

So these are my Grammy pics?  Which one of the ladies fashions above do you like best?  What are your own Grammy fashion pics?

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  1. I liked Adele's dress for her. I think that a lot of people forget that she's British and they have totally different style from us Americans. The dress felt like it was her and it was in keeping with the silhouettes she usually wears to these formal events. Kelly Rowland has definitely been on the fashion radar recently. She's stepping her game up big time!