May 16, 2012

Mother’s Day: Hats, Hats, Hats


Hello Ladies!!!  I went home to Chicago to spend Mother’s Day with my mother.  It was good times.  I ate all things Chicago!!!  Anyway, moving on!!!  I went to church on Sunday. and I saw the most amazing hat I have ever seen in my life!  OMG!!!  It looked like a super fabulous Yosemite Sam hat made for divas. 

mother day 002 

Ya’ll cannot tell me this hat ain’t bad!!!!  It is worn by one of my most fabulous cousins Mother Rene Gray.

mother day 001

Mother Rene’s sister, Mother Lolene, also was wearing a fab hat.  Now ya’ll see why I have to stay fly; it runs in the family!!!

mother day 003

Here is a closer look at Mother Lolene’s hat.

I love these hats, but I have never tried to wear one to church.  Do any of you ladies wear hats like these to church?  Do you like the hats these church mothers are wearing?

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