May 7, 2012

And the Winner is . . . .ME!!!!!!!!

I love giveaways.  Who doesn’t?  Well, I entered a giveaway on Spoiled Little LA Girls a little ways back.  I won the Red Carpet Package.  OMG, this package arrived in a huge box filled with Spanx goodies.  I am the luckiest chic ever!!!!

So here is what I won !!!

4-28 041

See, big ole box!! 

 4-28 042  4-28 044

Look at all these Goodies!!!

4-28 045   4-28 046

Cute carrying case shaped like a CurvieBirdie.

4-28 047  4-28 049

It was filled with the Spanx Bra-llywood bra and butt naked panties.

4-28 051  4-28 052

I got all these Spanx undergarments plus Spanx yoga pants and a Spanx T-shirt

4-28 055   4-28 052

I even got a yoga mat.  Guess I need to start doing yoga.  Maybe!!  Hehehehe!!!

So ladies be sure to enter online giveaways.  This is my second online giveaway winning.  I will continue to enter, and hopefully I will be blogging again about something wonderful.  I know I heart Spanx.  Do you?


  1. Lucky you! I absolutelu love spanx. Couldn't live without them.

    Stay beautiful!*Smooches*

  2. i am so jealous!! Youare one lucky _____!! LOL!