Mar 6, 2012

I Heart Lily Kai’s Vintage Boutique

I week ago, I told you beautiful ladies that I attended a Vintage Boutique by Lily Kai (Kristen Kai owner).  This is the scarf I purchased from her for $3.50.  Here are my many looks with this gorgeous multicolored silk scarf !!!

Feb 29 019
Feb 29 005  Feb 29 009
This is my day look; I am at the office.  I am wearing the fab scarf of course.  I’ve paired it with a green button down cardigan from Lane Bryant, dark blue Z. Cavaricci jeans from Torrid, a white button-down blouse from Target, and brown platform loafers by BCBG Girl from my shoe guy.

Feb 29 008    Feb 29 011
Here is a closer look at how I rocked the scarf.  I just tied it once around my neck and buttoned my sweater over top of it.  I thought that was a cute idea!

3-1 031  3-1 030
A closer look at the BCBG Girl shoes.
Run down of the outfit:
Lane Bryant Cardigan                               $12.60
Target White Button-down                       $4.24
Torrid Z. Cavaricci jeans                          $27.90
BCBG Girls                                               $99
Lily Kai Scarf                                            $3.50                    
Total without shoes:  $47
Next Look
3-1 003 3-1 005
I am wearing the scarf in my evening/date night look.  The scarf is tied around my neck like a bow tie and kind of fluffed out.  I am wearing an Old Navy sweater, flare leg jeans from Torrid, and a blue flower from my shoe guy.

3-1 001  3-1 006
Here is a closer look at the scarf and my pretty blue flower.
Run Down of the outfit:
Old Navy Sweater                                  $10.00
Torrid Flare Jeans                                  $17.94
Flower                                                    $2.00
Lily Kai Scarf                                         $3.50
Steve Madden Shoes                             $29.90
Total without shoes:  $33.50 !!!
Last Look:
3-1 017     3-1 012  3-1 016 3-1 010
Here, I just tied the scarf once and let it just hang down.  I am wearing a blue Walmart sweater, a white cami,and  blue Wisdom jeans from Torrid.

Run Down of the outfit:
Walmart Sweater                                 $3.00
White Cami                                          Free
Dark Blue Torrid Wisdom jeans          $29.99
Red Steve Madden Shoes                     $29.90
Lily Kai Scarf                                       $3.50
Total without shoes:  $36.50 !!!

Please check out Kristen Kai’s Vintage Boutique at:
It is very obvious that I absolutely love this scarf.  It goes with everything, and makes all my outfits come to life with its bright beautiful colors.  So How did I do with this purchase?  Do you love the scarf too?  Have you checked out yet?


  1. Love all the looks! That scarf ROCKS!

  2. Yes yes yes! I love all three outfits!!

  3. Cute!! Love the way scarf with all the outfits. P.S I love the flower in your hair in the second pic!