Jan 2, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

It’s a new year and it’s my Birthday!!!  Please don’t ask how old I am because I will lie to you!!!!! So this post will be all about this CurvieBirdie!!  Take a look at me:


That’s me in the blue dress.  Gotta love those pigtails!!

tish files 007

Here we are all grown up!!!  Meet my brother Rev. Neil James and my sister Rev. Tonette Ingram.

tish files 005

This is my birthday with my Chicago girlfriends in 2009.

tish files 016

My birthday 2010!!

Birthday 2012!!!


So you have seen me evolve over the past few years.  I thank God for letting me see another year!!!  Well I hope to be very busy tomorrow, and I hope to have an even more awesome birthday post after tomorrow is over!!!

Happy Birthday to Me CurvieBirdies!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday SISTER. If anyone want to know how old Tish really is, I'll tell you. LOL. I love the throwback pics even the one with my locs.

  2. Happy Birthday Doll! Can't wait to partay!