Jan 14, 2013

Golden Globe Fashions

Hey CurvieBirdies!!  The Golden Globes were on last night, and I must the CurvieBirdies did not disappoint!!  What do you think about the fashions?


Ms. NeNe Leaks.  I actually really like this dress, but not sure it is Golden Globe worthy.  It is very flattering to her figure in my opinion!  What do ya’ll think?



Now ya’ll know I loves me some Adele.  Would ya’ll just look at post baby Adele!!!  She is as flawless as ever!!!


I had to include this pic of Halle Berry.  This chick stay killing the game.  She definitely has curves in all the right places!!



And here is our girl Olivia Pope, I mean Kerri Washington.  This dress is cute and I love Kerri, but I think she has gotten a bit too skinny.  She is missing her curves.  I think I like the “Saving the Last Dance” size Kerri a little bit better.  Thoughts?

So my question to you all is who do you think was the best dressed at the Golden Globes?


  1. Halle definitely got best dressed!!!!!

  2. Katherine McPhee best dressed in my opinion