Oct 29, 2012

Something To Chirp About: Macy’s Size-ism Talk

Hey CurvieBirdies.  Last week I told ya’ll about an event at Macys.  I was asked to speak on a panel for Macys about size-ism.  There were four people on the panel; all with different backgrounds speaking on the topic.



So finding what to wear to this event was a bit difficult.  I wanted to dress conservative while still showing my curviebirdie flair to it.  So here is my look!





Cute right?  I know!!!

Here is the outfit breakdown:

Thrifted Jean jacket:                                   $4.50

Thrifted White shirt:                                   $1.25

Target Black vest:                                       $14.98

Lane Bryant Chelsa pants:                         $24.48

Thrifted Lily Kai scarf:                               $6.00

Icandee accessories:                                  $20.00

Thrifted Shoes:                                           $15.00

Gorgeous smile:                                        $PRICELESS !!!!!

Total without shoes:                                  $71.21


A lot of pieces went into this look, but still low cost for looking fabulous!!!  What do you think?  I tried to add my thrifted with new and old pieces to sum up how this Curviebirdie rocks it!!!

Also, here is the link to the panel discussion.  Hope you enjoy!!!  Please all comments are welcome on your thoughts below!


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