Apr 16, 2012

My Favorite CurvieBirdies


I love that curvie women are doing their thing regardless of the naysayers!!  These women are beautiful, have positive self images, and are role models for All Women!!  Here are my most fab CurvieBirdie pics . . . .

5. Trisha Yearwood

She is a leading Country singer and a full figured diva!!  She has concoured the Country music world, now she is making southern cooking cook books.


4.  Ashley Graham

This full figured model is too hot for tv.  Recently, ABC felt her Lane Bryant ads were to “risky” for primetime.  Haters!!!  She has the perfect hour glass shape and has an attractive face to match.

3.  Adele

This multi-grammy winner Bombshell is AWESOME!!!  Love her!!!  She has broken all the rules in the size-obsessed music world.  No one can deny her talent or her beauty.


2.  Jill Scott

“Who is Jill Scott?”  I think we all know that now.  Singer, actor, mother.  There is know stopping this soulful diva.



1. Oprah

Oprah for President!!  She is a self made Billionaire!!  What can you say negative about Oprah?  Well whatever it is, it doesn’t matter.  This woman has done amazing things for many people and children.  She has launched careers, giving selflessly, and educated the children of 3rd world countries.  She is and will always be my idol.



These are all very women.  I respect each for the work that they do.  They inspire me to be a better me.  And, these are all CurvieBirdies making our world a better place. 

So do you admire these women?  Who would you add to that list?