Apr 9, 2012

White. What’s your opinion?


Hello CurvieBirdies.  I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter Weekend!  Bet bet ya’ll looked so fly on Easter in celebration of Resurrection Sunday.  Well now that Easter is past us, I have a question:

When is it ok to start wearing white for the season?

I have heard so many different responses to this question, so I am going to pose it to you fashionable ladies.  Here is what I have been told.

1. After the first day of Spring

2. After Easter Sunday

3. After Memorial Day

So which is it ladies?  Please let me and others know the real answer because I have purchased 3 pair of White pants/jeans, and I am ready to rock them.  Tell me your opinion!!  Comment below.


  1. Well, I think I am so old school. I usually start wearing white after memorial day and stop after labor day but it seems like that is just old school. I am trying to sway to where I will wear white when the weather breaks.


  2. I go with the first day of spring! I may wait to rock some linen tho.

  3. White is awesome no matter what time you wear it. I also think white pants make the curves extra juicy! Love it!! Linen pants r the cutest!