Jun 2, 2014

Morgan Monday: Pool Time!!

This weekend, I took my poo poo Morgan to her first swimming class at the YMCA.  She loves bath-time, so I just assumed that she would enjoy the pool as well.  I had been looking forward to this all week!

Well once we were in the water, she started to cry.  I guess she is not used to her whole bottom and legs being completely submerged in water.  After about 6 or 7 minutes, she discovered splashing.  From that moment on, she had a good time.  She even started kicking you legs under water!  I'm a mermaid, so I guess Morgan is too!!!  Look at our adventure:

I just had to share a special moment with my baby with ya'll.  I don't do it much, but I hope ya'll enjoyed it!!!


  1. I love it!!!! She looks so adorable!!


  2. Do she got on a swim cap tho? 😀😀😀 My Morgan gonna be an avid swimmer before you know it. Keep taking her.

  3. I cannot believe she is this big this fast! Nadia loves the water so Morgan will be a realk trooper soon. It is fun so keep it up! So cute!

  4. Nothing like some good ole splashing around lol She's beautiful :-)

  5. i love it. i am glad you guys had a great time... i really have to take my son for swimming class too. you guys look fabulous