Jun 17, 2014

CurvieBirdie Watch; Melissa McCarthy

Well, this curvie diva is doing it again!  She will be launching her own fashion line!  I am super excited about her doing something as big as this.  One thing that I did not know about this CurvieBirdie is that she studied clothing and textiles at Southern Illinois University (Yes, I'm an Alum too!)  So she well be very vocal in this collection. 

The reason why Melissa decided to start the line is because she was turned down by 6 famous designers that refused to dress her for award shows.  So sad that designers won't step up for a challenge.  Also, she is tired of shopping and only finding frumpy items to choose from.  I know the feeling honey!  Can't wait to see what she comes up with!

Are you excited to see her new collection?  Would you buy a piece if the price is right?

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