May 21, 2014


Disclaimer:  Sorry for the delay getting posts up this week. but my internet was doen at my house.  However, we are back in business!!!

It is summertime now, so here comes the summer party events!  There are 3 dresses that every CurvieBirdie needs in her wardrobe for the summer.  Check these out:

Torrid White Summer Dress
White Summer Dress:  Torrid $68.50
Long Maxi Dress:  Torrid $68.50

Litle Black Bodycon Dress: Ashley Stewarts $29.70
Having these 3 types of dresses in your wardrobe will have you ready for any event that comes your way this summer!
So do you agree?  Are there any pieces that I missed for summer wear?

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  1. I have a hard on for that black lady in the maxi dress