Sep 28, 2012

Something to Chirp About: Diabetes Walk

Hello again CurvieBirdies.  This week has flown by for this CurvieBirdie!!  Ya’ll know I have a soft heart for charitable events, so I’m going to tell you about the latest one that is truly near and dear to my heart.

Step Out Walk To Stop Diabetes


So many of us know friends or family members who suffer from this disease.  I think that in the midst of being fabulous CurvieBirdies, we need to all find a cause we believe in and give back.  I personally have donated to 4 people who are participating in this walk.  Let me introduce them.



This is my cute little half-sister Tonette.  She is a 31 year old substance abuse counselor in Chicago.  She does not have the disease, but she says it runs in her family.  Also, her mother was diagnosed with the diabetes.  This is the time when she became very knowledgeable about the disease.  Her mother has now lost a lot of weight and is rid of the disease, but Tonette still wants to raise money and awareness by participating in the walk in Atlanta on Saturday.  She will be walking with Team Cheryl Ford!!  Love you sister!!!

carrie 3

Here is a picture of Tonette’s stylish mother Carrie!!  She has lost over 100lbs and is looking good!  Go Carrie!!!!  We see you!


This is Tonette, our brother Neil, and me as kids.  I know all our foreheads is shining right!! 


playas ball 026

This is the handsome Lem.  He is a 35 year old customer service rep and the General Manager and Coach of the Georgia Invaders.  Lem was diagnosed with Type #2 diabetes 8 years ago.  Since he has had the disease, Lem has to take daily insulin shots and pills.  At one point, he had low circulation in his thighs.  Lem says the most challenging thing about having diabetes is having to watch his food intake.  With every meal, there is a spike in his blood-sugar levels.  Lem says that he is participating in this walk because he has lost many friends and family to diabetes, and he wants to do something more to prevent it. He is walking on Team Studio 404.



Introducing the amazing Alyson.  This young lady is a 34 year old Cite Access Coordinator and owner of I-Candee Jewelry.  Alyson was diagnosed 6 months ago with Type #2 diabetes.  Since then, she has to watch her salt and sugar intake plus take pills daily to control her diabetes.  The most challenging part of having the disease is the task of losing weight, not eating the foods you love, taking her meds on time.  Alyson says that, “It is real and plagues people of size.”  This is her first walk and she is doing it to raise awareness of the disease.  Alyson is walking with Team Studio 404.



Say hello to June, my little junebug.  Miss June is a 48 year old Human Resources Generalist.  She was diagnosed with Type #2 diabetes in 2009.  Since then, she has changed her eating habits, started exercising and taking her meds.  At that time, June was taking 2 pills prescriptions per day and 4 shots of insulin per day.  She is proud to say that she has lost 85 lbs since she first found out she had diabetes.  The disease is in remission now, but June still watches what she eats and goes swimming every chance  she gets for enjoyment and exercise.  Junebug says, “Its temporary.”  With diet, exercise and meds, you can control or even get rid of your diabetes.  She is walking with team Studio 404.

So get out and support the cause.  There is still time to donate.  Even $1 will help prevention.  Please follow the link below if you want to donate.!/events/144971758979643/


This walk will be at:

Grant Park

800 Cherokee Ave.

Atlanta, GA

This CurvieBirdie will be in the park supporting all those who are walking.  Hope to see some of ya’ll there!!!!

Do you know anyone affected by the disease?  Will you be going to the walk?

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  1. This is near and dear to my heart as my husband suffer from diabetes. I am an official sponsor for the Heeling Diabetes Shoenista Auction. You can look up them up on FB as well.

    Great Post... thanks for sharing!