Sep 14, 2012

Fly By Buys

Friday is here ladies and gents!!!  It’s time to get some shopping in.  I was under the weather last weekend, so I stayed in much of the weekend.  But this weekend, CurvieBirdie will be out and about!!!!  Here are a few fly by buys that I will be getting in this weekend!!

Lane Bryant Home Page

It is Lane Bryant’s Perfect Pant Event time!!!  During this sale, Lane Bryant puts their Classic Pant on sale for $29.99.  Plus, most other types of pants are on sale as well.  So it is the perfect time to get your self some great dress/work pants!!

Classic Trouser with Right Fit Technology  Classic trouser by Lane Bryant


Twill pant with Tighter Tummy Technology by Lane Bryant  Knit waistband twill pant by Lane Bryant

These are just a sample of the pants that are on sale.  If you go online, there is a coupon that you can use to purchase these pants on an even better discount!!!


And lets not forget my all-time favorite place . . . .OLD NAVY!!!!

Not only is everything online and in the store 20% off, all children and maternity wear is on sale for up to 50% off!!!  I told ya’ll maternity is a great area to shop in. 




See all this cute maternity stuff?  Girls, Ima get me some!!!!  So these are my weekend Fly By Buys picks!!!!


Have you ever tried to shop maternity sections?  If so, what types of pieces did you get?  Where are you shopping this weekend?

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  1. Well let me tell you, i went to Goodwill and bought my mom a slew of stuff from the maternity section by accident..LOL She said if she were pregnant at her age she'd be making history! I didn't know the brand motherhood was for pregnant women, i thought just for women who had children at some point and time. LOL