Jul 29, 2014

Something to Chirp About: Spanx Jeans!!!

Ya'll know I am an avid Spanx spokesperson. So the other day, I heard that Spanx were going to be coming out with jeans!  I had to thank God and do a little Cogic shout at that news honey!  Where have there jeans been all my life?  Its like Sara Blakey knows what all CurvieBirdies need.  I'm going to call her the CurvieBirdie Whisper-er!!!!

There will be two styles, multiple cuts and three washes and are priced at $148. They promise “thigh-trimming construction” and stretch technology meant to smooth the tummy. 

I am so excited!!  The jeans launch on the Spanx website last week and will be available in department stores Aug. 25!!!

What do you think about Spanx Jeans?  Will you wear a pair?  Do you plan to buy some once available in department stores?

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