Aug 26, 2013

VMA's: Hot Fashions or Hot Mess?

good afternoon CurvieBirdies.  I know most of you watched the VMA's last night.  While I truly enjoyed watching NSync do their thing, but so of the performances was just a hot mess!!!  Not gonna say names, but what in the world happens to Disney stars when they grow up?  is is mandatory to turn into crazy adults?  Dunno, but anyways.....

Here is a recap of the VMA fashions:

Jennifer Hudson:  Love her!!!

Rita Ora:  Love her dress!

Danity Kane:  Super Hot!!!

Jordin Sparks:  So gorge!

2 Chainz:  Hot Mess!!
Busta Rhymes and Lady Gaga: Hot Mess

Future and Ciara:  Hotness!!
 So these are just a few.  I didn't include the ratched ex Disney star because she has been all over the new and Internet, and I feel sorry for her and her super gorgeous father.  So what was your fav look of the night?


  1. I completely missed the red carpet. But I did like Danity Kane's look. Plus, I'm glad they're back together making music. They were really on the road to becoming a successful girl group.

  2. Didn't watch it but Jordin Sparks looks the best to me. I didn't even recognize Lady Gaga without all her makeup and over-the-top clothes and I thought Ciara was Beyonce in that dress. lol