Jul 19, 2012

The Original CurvieBirdie: Moms

Morning CurvieBirdies!! I wanted to dedicate this post to one of the prettiest ladies I know.  She has been by my side since the beginning.  She has also taught me everything I how, and turned me on to fashion at a very young age.  It’s my Mommie!!!!!

Help me celebrate her on her Birthday today!!!

Happy Birthday Ms. Tonirene!!!!!!


In this pic, mother is wearing a Donna Karen dress and carrying a Louis Vutton Bag!!!  I so wanna be like her when I grow up!!!

Let me tell you, this lady do not play!!!  Never has, but she is also very sweet and caring.  Plus she so fly!!!!  So I can’t blame myself for having a shopping problem cuz I learned it from the best!!!!

Any again, Happy Birthday Mom.  Wish I could be home to Celebrate with you!!!!