Jun 12, 2012

I Have a Feature !!!


Hello ladies.  This weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing and talking to fashion blogger Parker Simmons.  That last time I saw her was at the Swapinista event .  She was wearing a really cute dress, so I asked her where she got it and if she would mind if I purchased it.  She purchased it from Target, and she said it was cool if I bought it too.  Well I did and wore it Friday night, not knowing she would be in the building.  Anyway, she loved it and has featured me are her on her fabulous blog.

So Please Ladies, check out the post and follow this stylish CurvieBirdie!!! Her blog is called everyday runway


Everyday Runway


  1. :) Thank you so much for the mention on your blog! It was great seeing you again and like I said, you looked FAB in the Target dress! Glad I was your style inspiration! Keep being FAB & don't forget to "Make the world your personal runway!"


    <3 Parker S.

  2. Great post you have a lovely blog :))

    Just followed, follow back?
    I'd really appreciate it:)